VTWO / CyclingTips Car Park Climb - 2017 TDU Edition

So happy to have been asked to film the TDU Edition Car Park Climb put on by the good lads at VTWO for what turned out to be a massive night. Such a great event, perfect conditions for capturing great shots and all during one of the best weeks of the year... Tour Down Under!


Oakley & Beardy McBeard

I also got the call up from Oakley AU/NZ to see if I would shoot a short clip for them as they had the man and the beard himself Beardy McBeard riding on the night. He was rocking their new range of transition lenses which made perfect sense for racing in a situation like this.

Rapha Prestige Merricks

On April 10th 2016 I filmed the very first womens only Rapha Prestige down on the Mornington Peninsula. Over the last few years I've become quite familiar with filming sporting events and in general a lot of cycling specific films. It was this experience that convinced both Rapha and digital agency VTWO to ask me if I would be up for taking this job on. Read more...


Secure Car Park Climb (MELB)

When the boys at Melbourne Cycling League put the event notice out that they were holding a cycling race in a car park in the city of Melbourne, I said I'm doing it. Then when the same boys asked if I would film it for them, I said I'll do it. Both Andrew and Dan from VTWO in Melbourne are clearly on point when it comes to creating strong culture through brands and community. The Secure Car Park Climb event was a massive success and I have thoroughly enjoyed putting this film together for the event and looking forward to more to come in the future.

Life Hub

A short format feature of Chris Cannon's fitness and lifestyle centre "Life Hub" located in Moorabbin. The film captures the essence of what people can expect from this facility which is fast becoming one of the leaders in Australia for combining fitness, diet and lifestyle under the one brand. www.lifehub.com.au

Hitters in the Dark

"I often wonder why we get up in the darkest hours of the morning, just so we can ride our bikes on that loop around Shep."
This one is for all of the hitters who make bunch riding in Shepparton that much harder, every morning! This is for teaching me how to roll through, how to hold the wheel, how to break away, how to sprint, how to snap a collarbone, how to swallow my pride and most importantly, how to go beyond what I thought was possible on a bike.



Murchison Tomato Festa 2016

Now in its 4th year running, the Murchison Tomato Festa is becoming a very popular event as a part of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. Tomatoes are one of my favourite fruits so I was so happy to spend the day showcasing what this brilliant event has to offer.


Vegan Athletic Factory Visit

In late January of 2016 I was fortunate enough to be working on a creative project in Hong Kong which is only 3 hours away from the factory I work with to produce Vegan Athletic's apparel. I took the opportunity to spend two days at our factory in Guangzhou, China to work on our samples and meet the people who make the products we are going to be sending around the world. 

Challenge Shepparton Triathlon 2015

For the second year running I was asked to come back to my hometown in Shepparton and capture the Challenge Shepparton Triathlon. Perfect weather conditions this year allowed me to get up in the air with the drone and really show another side to Shepparton and its surrounds on such an epic occasion. Big thank you to Greater Shepparton City Council and the Shepparton News for asking me to come back again and help them show the rest of the world what Shepparton has to offer when it comes to sporting event tourism.

Catching up with Mackenzie Craig - Goulburn Murray Water

Catching up with Mackenzie Craig was an opportunity that Luke Sofi from Goulburn Murray Water didn't want to miss when he asked me to capture this innovative farmer's story and practice. Goulburn Murray Water are one of Australia's largest water district authorities and have realised the value in capturing and telling the stories of the people who they service. Which is where I came into the picture. I filmed, edited, directed and produced this film from start to finish. Including the aerial footage using a drone.

Willunga Farmers Market - South Australia

I have been living in and around Willunga since 2011 and have always been grateful to have such a thriving farmers market so close by. Willunga Farmers Market has been recognised on countless occasions as one of Australia's must go to markets, so I was honoured when asked to capture the market for a short film that connects the farmers and producers to the customer. I filmed, edited and produced the film as well as operated the camera for the aerial footage with the team from Coptercam as I was working with them as an aerial perspectivist at the time.

Challenge Shepparton 2014

Commissioned by Grater Shepparton City Council, I was given the task of filming and producing the inaugural Challenge Shepparton event and condense it into a six minute clip that showcased what turned out to be a very successful event. 

Total Body Fit

In November 2014, Total Body Fit launched a membership campaign after extending and upgrading their facilities. I was asked to develop two films that helped communicate and show what was new, what people could expect and at the same time help motivate people to choose TBF as their fitness centre.

Seed Freedom Food Festival 2014

The inaugural 2014 Seed Freedom Food Festival celebrated, informed and inspired so many people on Saturday, 27th October about organic food, local food and growing your own food, as well as the worldwide need to save seed! It was a fantastic day at Adelaide's Market Shed, filled with information and inspiration all to celebrate our Earth's precious seed!

We Can Fly - Aerial Footage Showreel 2015

This aerial compilation has been produced from two months of test shots that I have captured using a remote controlled multirotor/drone. The landscapes featured include the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia, the Strathbogie Ranges and Greater Shepparton in Victoria.

Corbetts Stories

I was engaged by Corbetts to produce a short film series that was created to better communicate what the accounting firm can do for their clients. You just can't beat the effectiveness of an honest story. Corbetts have a lot of clients who I will be continually filming over time as the firm has recognised the value of film in social media.

Dookie Earthed 2014

Dookie Earthed was a one-day explosion of Art, deeply connected to the stories of the small town Dookie in Northern Victoria. On Saturday the 4th of October at 12pm a stunning critical mass overtook the town with street works, opera on silos, children’s performances, and an unforgettable evening of sound and light works in the quarry. I was commissioned to capture this one time only event that saw this town I grew up near explode into what was a complete success.

Goulburn Murray Water Advanced Operations

Being one of Australia's largest water district management authorities means that there is quite a large range of services and operations that have been developed to help better monitor and maintain the waterways within the GMW catchment. These two films were created to showcase two new services that GMW use within their surveying and channel management practices. 

The Garden Farmers

One of my first semi professional films for The Garden Farmers. A group of young farmers based in the Fleurieu Peninsula, just south of Adelaide, SA. The film was produced to help better communicate who these farmers are, what they are doing and most importantly why we need to be growing the best quality food we can.

I also recorded and produced the backing music especially for this film.